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Psychotic Children

sneakersjohnson started this conversation

Psychotic children are very difficult to deal with because they live in a world all their own. Their reality is very different from ours.

I am raising a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar, Obsessive Defiant Disorder and is psychotic. Forgive me if I spell something wrong.

She has a behavioral specialest, a theropist and psychiatrist. With the medications she takes, she is doing some better now but it has really taken awhile to get her to this point. We have all worked very hard trying to get her in balance. This is a daily struggle.

She use to hear voices that told her to do bad things, and she would follow their instructions. I never knew what to expect next from her. These children seem to have physical strength beyond there years. She is now eight years old and can pick up the couch at one end of it and throw the couch across the room at least two feet. She has gone into rages because she did not get her way and broken my bones before.  The medication has helped her in these areas, we deal with very few times where she hears voices now and the theropy and behavior specialist have helped her control the rages along with the medications. 

At first I didn't want to put her on medications. I talked at length with the psychiatrist many times before I agreed to put her on medications because of all the negative things I had heard about medications of this type. I learned to trust his opinion on them, especially the new medications they have now. He explains what each medication will do and why he feels it is sometimes needed.

Psychosis by defination is:  a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality. any severe form of mental disorder, as schizophrenia or paranoia. (Random House Websters College Dictionary)

What I want for her is to have a normal life, a happy life. Just to be able to function in this world and be happy. I do not care what her problems are I will deal with them because she is worth the effort and I love her with all my heart. I know there are others out there who deal with children like her. There are support groups you can attend to help you cope with the stress and I of all people know the stresses of this kind.

You are welcome to share on this site anything that might help you or others. Sometimes talking to people who go through what you are with a child helps. Because sometimes I feel like screaming!

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rhondak   in reply to PamM
completley undertand where you are coming from same exact thing with our child from the age of 4 she was diagnosed, been through multipl behavioral hospitals specialists etc... today she is 16 and has currently caught our house on fire bc she was mad over not being allowed to have her phone. the system just wants us to repeat all we have already done. currently she is in the behavioral unit prob to be returned home with out any consquences except probation from the juvenile authorities. they all agree she is unremorseful has no empathey and very flat and we should be scared and they want let us just sign her over to the state sounds bad i know but... so until she kills someone we have to keep on until she is 19. wow all i can says is wow. for us things never have gotten easier. do wish you well
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PamM   in reply to shellywinkle
I just read your post. I know it was more than a year ago. I am sorry to hear what you were enduring and hope your life has gotten easier. I can relate. I have a 5 year old daughter who is surely psychotic. She has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar and Oppositional Defiant Disorder but she can be so completely evil and ruthless to me it has scared those who have seen her violently assault me. When I am in pain or under the weather she enjoys jumping on me, punching and kicking while she laughs and makes sadistic smiles. Sadly, I do think some young souls may have been possessed by the dark side from birth. She had a normal babyhood and was violent with severe temper tantrums throughout. When she was 2-1/2 my husband died suddenly from cancer which I believe was partially brought on by the severe stress we lived under, trying to meet every single demand that a BABY was insisting on. Well looking back I wish I had walked out of the room and ignored her during those temper tantrums. She has gotten increasingly violent and demanding. I can give her a present and be attacked within the hour for doing nothing. Just not jumping when she says jump will cause me to be beaten. I was wondering what the outcome was with your niece because I am reaching my breaking point. The mental health system has repetitively failed me in GA. It's really pathetic and I haven't even been able to find doctors that act like doctors so she currently isn't on a med.
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BAnnC   in reply to hmanders
Hello, please look into these thyroid issues for your son. My son started experiencing psychosis at age 7. He is 9 now and we are tracking his TPO levels- his antibodies seem to rise at the times he experienced psychosis. We continue to follow this to see if this is the cause.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to MechelleE
Hi I don't know why u posted to me u have never asking for anything on this site. All I do on here is try to help the ones that come on here where they mite get help for what every they asking for help with
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MechelleE   in reply to woman in a shoe
We have the same diagnosis with our RAD 9 yr old son. We got help with no med by doing a family intervition with him. It is a program that is put together by a Neuro Psychology Doctor in Brain Traumitic Disorder and Developmental. Dr Ronald Frederici Developmental Neuropsychologist
(Specialty in Pediatrics/ Adolescents)
President/CEO, Care for Children International, Inc.
Diplomate-American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (ABPN)
Diplomate-American Board of Medical Psychotherapists (ABMP)
Diplomate-Fellow in Advanced Psychopharmacology (FICPP)
Diplomate-American Board of Disability Analysts (ABDA)
Fellow-American College of Professional Neuropsychology
Diplomate - American Academy of Behavioral Medicine

Dr. Ronald Federici is regarded as the USA country's expert in the neuropsychological evaluation and treatment of children having multi-sensory neurodevelopment impairments, particularly children who have been adopted, both domestically and internationally. Dr. Federici is called upon to evaluate and treat the most complex cases (typically "second opinion at the end of the road cases") and has an international following. NBC Dateline followed one family with cameria in their home for 3 mo's showing how the program works in 2003. Their is now peace in the home and the child is in college. The child still call him and tells him all the time (thank you Dr Frederici for helping me). After the airing on TV the Dr had over 84,000 request from families all over the world.

And Therapist Heather Forbes, LCSW. Her web site With both of these people together has helped parents that reached the end with medications and other talk therapy that didn't work. There program is called "Starting Over" Contact Heather and she can connect you with other therapist in her area that will call you back and talk with you first over the phone in how to get started.

There is hope at the end of the tunnel....
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woman in a shoe   in reply to nancyhurdle
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2006 sorry
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I have a son that has these same diagnosis and we are really struggling to find the right meds for him. He has been in residential several times but rt now we are back to square one. What meds does your daughter take?
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lrh   in reply to shellywinkle
I am a psychiatric social worker and from what you are saying, it is an absolutely convincing case of reactive attachment disorder that she has, it will be extremely challenging for years. Seek out residential treatment perhaps for her if at all possible, and that will probably need to be repeated a few times through her growing years. It makes total sense that she got worse when she sees her mom, it reactivates the abandonment and instability she experiences deep inside. Good luck, research "RAD."
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sscrma   in reply to Worriedmom41508
Hi, I was wondering how your son was? My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6 also. He is now 8 and we have added psychosis, mood disorder and impulse control disorder to the list. Some of the things you have listed sounds like what was going on with my son.
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CajunPowr   in reply to Berthealy2006
Help - which medication helped your child?
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to shellywinkle
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..






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I just read your post...scanned briefly through the replys. We were given custody of our beautiful niece when she had just turned 3, She is now turning 5. Her mom is a serious addict along with a mental mess, the father is out of the picture. We are not in the loop on the mothers mental status because she is in and out of the mental hospital when the can capture her and no one will give us any information. The State said the baby was HARD to handle! Numerous times I have called the State and said she is gonna hurt herself and their reply was, yes we are aware of how she is. My loving, hugging 11 yr old had been bitten, beaten and everything else you can imagine. She thinks my 13 yr old who doesn't want to deal with her walks on water. I have tried everything I know to show her love, yet she hates me, beats me in the head, bites me, screams at me that I am mean! She has beat me up numerous times with hundred's of witnesses. She has beat up 2 teachers at her school and several children. She has just started seeing her mother 1 time a month and it has gotten worse. I don't want to give up on this child but I am on the verge of a STROKE! Don't get me wrong, she is punished for her behavior.........Timeouts...they don't work! Taking toys away....don't work. Spanking.........don't work! No TV.........don't work. I am exhausted and don't know what to do. We started her on some medication...........NOTHING WORKS....Meds work great for a week or two then it gets worse! When is enough enough? As she beat me to a pulp this evening with my two older girls crying and screaming and trying to stop her, When should I SAY MY FAMILY COMES FIRST! She is about to pull my family apart! However, she can't help it but I can't afford to help her any more! We get no support from the mom or the father. NOT A DIME, NOTHING! Nothing from the State either! However when she wakes in the morning she is going to be full of hugs and kisses and lots of I love you, till she does not get her way. I am afraid I will regret it either way I go! Forgot to mention we were the only family members who were willing to take her because NO ONE wanted to deal with the mom......Not even MOM'S parents! But now that we have her, all they do is hound us and blame the dad...UGGH!!! We had put that side of the family (dad/inlaws/parents/everyone) out of our lives because it was not worth the stress. It had been 5 years since we even spoke with that side of the family. However, we as a family decided to take this baby in because she can't help who her parents are. We are a Christian family and we are all struggling with what to do next! Going to bed black and blue tonight. Praying that I wake in the morning! Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to hmanders
It may be that
Also It's a possibility he is just bored at home or school or be claustrophobic and anxious in crowded rooms or areas he cannot escape.Also sleep talking known as somniloquy as far as the cursing then quickly falling back to sleep my daughter has a friend that shouts and says scary things in her sleep eyes open that make no sense or are threatening. It can be caused by medication fear anxiety diet ect.
The fact that links me to this is he behaves outside of closed areas such as school or home. I think his problems could be emotional fear of something needing counseling or psychiatric help for it to relieve him of his fears
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SisterServant   in reply to hmanders

You may have considered this before or you may not feel up to it, etc.but have you asked your son's doctor for a referral to a counselor? You and your son might benefit from talking to some one together (if it is the right person.) In addition to his medical issues, he sounds angry (probably with you for reasons that you have no control over.) He does apologize to you and that is a good sign. With his approaching adolescence, it would be good to see if he can talk some of this out with a sensitive, caring counselor who can also help your son understand that you are a real person with feelings, etc. and not just "mom." Moms get taken for granted as I am sure you know.

A group home will probably not help that much because he may be placed with other children who have worse problems and also on some level he will feel abandoned because he is "bad."

It would be much better if you and he could enjoy some time together before he becomes a man and too many more hormones kick in...

If you have tried counseling before and it did not work, it was probably because the counselor was not the right "fit."

It sounds as though you are trying very hard. You must also get rid of your feelings that you are a failure. It sounds as though you are doing the best that you know how to do. And that is what God requires of us. Also, I don't know if you are religious or not, but it will probably help if talk to God about this also. He can guide you in the right direction, help you find the right counselor, etc.
I hope these suggestions help.

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hmanders   in reply to Berthealy2006
no law, yet I get threatened if my 10 year old is not on his meds. I tried weaning him off.... school suspended him for 15 days and said he couldn't come back until he was put back on meds
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hmanders   in reply to The Christmas Cat
I have thyroid issues. Maybe it's effecting my son
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It sucks to go through. I, myself have a kid who is "ADHD, ODD" and etc.. He is 10 years old and has always been hyper. Seems like since we moved 4 years ago he has gotten worse. Big change is always hard on kids, but even harder for kids with behavior issues. Most times I feel like the worst mother on the planet (I know I'm not). I blame myself for the way he is. I feel like a failure. I have another son who is 5 and he is complete opposite. I don't understand it and I feel I have tried pretty much everything at home. At least he behaves really well when we are out in public. That shows me he CAN behave, but chooses not to at home or school.
He is on adderol, tenex, and abilify (spellings?). Of course meds seems to work well at first, but then he obviously gets use to it and they don't work anymore. Doctors want to keep raising or changing and I am sick of it. He throws fits at school and curses out teachers (I've never heard him curse) then he falls asleep in class and wakes up like nothing happened. I am trying to look into certain diets. I'm also trying to be more structured, as in doing the same thing every single day. That is difficult seeing how I work, there are doctor appointments, etc.. things happen. I am seriously considering a group home because he is just getting worse- rages like no other and tells me he hates me and hopes I die. After he calms down he then apologizes. My patience is wearing thin.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Worriedmom41508
I hope they can fine out what is wrong let me know how he coming along I hope u the best
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Worriedmom41508   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you for all your help! I just got him an appt at a local behavorial hospital with a social worker and psyciatrist.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Worriedmom41508
OK clonidine is generic for catapress. It is use for high blood pressure.anxiety/ panic disorder ADHD and certain pain conditions. By me knowing this I would ask the Dr if there anything else they can give him. One other thing the dosage mite be to high for him I hope this help u good luck
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